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The InfiniteMatterz Story

My name is Mike. I started powder coating 5 years ago. I started with coating metal tumblers just for fun using a toaster oven. After doing that for some time, I realized that I thoroughly enjoyed painting cups.

Painting cups allowed me to be creative but, I wanted to challenge myself more and do bigger things. I took the chance and bought a kitchen oven so that I could start doing small car parts. Having done cups and car parts, it made me realize that there are infinite amounts of color combos and custom finishes that could put my creativity to the test.

At the time, I was working for BMW as a technician and a service rep which ended up being for 13 years total before I took the leap and retired to start my own dream of owning my own business. I have always had a passion for the motorsport and car industry, it’s what helped mold me into the person I am today. I grew up building and driving jeeps, four wheelers, dirt bikes, side by sides, motorcycles and boats with my family. I also went to UTI automotive technical school and attended their BMW specific training.

Having all those experiences pushed me to open up my own business so that I can let my creativity and passion shine without limitations. The name of my company, Infinite Matterz means that there are infinite possibilities when it comes to letting your dreams and artful mindset shine. I’ve always been told that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life and I want to continue to show that in the work that I produce. I’m eager and excited to bring your visions and creations to life.

I want to thank you for choosing Infinite Matterz for all your coating needs.


Powder Coating

Powder Coat can be applied to any type of metal. It is very durable when it comes to impact resistance, chemicals, scratching, rust and corrosion prevention. I have done many items ranging from home décor objects, automotive parts and industrial projects. The possibilities of customizations are endless, with over 6,000 colors to choose from. I strive to Color match or get you as close as possible to the color of your choosing because I want you to be happy with the finished project and enjoy it for many years to come.


Cerakote can be applied to metal, wood, polymers and plastics. I have done many firearm accessories, turbos, manifolds, and grills. This is different than powder coat as it requires a liquid application versus powder. It will still maintain scratch, chemical, rust, chipping, abrasive cleaning solvents and weather/UV resistance as it is a paint and sealant all in one. Certain cerakote paints can help reduce heat transfer of objects that operate at high temperatures of up to 1800 degrees F.

Chemical Stripping

I utilize chemical stripping to strip your parts of all the previous paint, powder coat and oils. This process will ensure that the product will be back to its original substrate and will allow for it to be properly coated with a brand-new finish of your choosing.

Sand Blasting

This process will provide me with an optimal surface profile for the adhesion of the coating by removing dirt, grime and rust. I will use the proper and correct blast media for your parts for both Powder coating and cerakote.

Custom Designs

Looking for specific designs like custom graphics in your project or build for Powder Coating or Cerakoting? I can do that too. I love a challenge!


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